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5 questions to ask your listing agent

Once your home is on the market, you may start seeing interest from buyers right away. One way you can prepare yourself is to learn how your home will be presented to buyers. So, before you give your Texas REALTOR® the go-ahead to list your property, you may want to ask him or her questions like these:

  • Where will the listing info show up online?
  • How are showings scheduled?
  • Who will give buyers access for showings?
  • Can I ask buyers for feedback?
  • What should I do if someone knocks on the door and wants to see the house?

Feel free to ask these or any other questions you have. Your Texas REALTOR® has the knowledge and experience to walk you through the selling process and make sure you’re informed along the way.  

Can a seller refuse to let a buyer inspect?

My offer on a property listed “as is” was accepted by the seller, but he won’t make the property available for inspections. I know he doesn’t want to make any repairs, but can he refuse to let me inspect the house?

No. If you used the Texas Real Estate Commission’s One to Four Family Residential Contract, the seller cannot prevent you from having the property inspected. This form includes a paragraph that says the seller has to give the buyer or buyer’s agent access to the property at reasonable times and allows you to have the property inspected. Unless that was modified in the contract, the seller could be found in default for refusing to grant you access.

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What is a Texas REALTOR®?

Not all real estate agents are REALTORS®.

Only those who agree to abide by a code of ethics that goes beyond what the law requires may join the Texas Association of REALTORS®.

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