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I didn’t buy the house. Can I get a refund for the inspection?

I was under contract to purchase a home, but the deal fell through. Before the contract terminated, I had the property inspected. Can I get a refund for the inspection since I didn’t buy the house?

Generally, no. To have a chance at recovering your inspection fee without an agreement with the seller to pay the fee, you would first have to demonstrate that the deal fell through due to the seller’s default. Then you may be able to convince a court to award you the fee as part of the damages that you incurred based on the seller’s default.

However, should you decide under Paragraph 15 of the TREC One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale) to terminate the contract and receive the earnest money, you would have no further recourse to pursue the inspection fee.

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Keep up with the changes in the real estate market

Say you bought your home seven years ago and you’re ready to move. You’re thinking of selling on your own. After all, you remember most of the steps in the process, and things couldn’t have changed that much since then, could they?

Well, here are just a few differences …

  • A new law requires disclosure about fluctuating water levels if the property adjoins certain bodies of water.
  • Last month, there were revisions to the Condominium Resale Certificate.
  • Websites will now tell you how much your home is supposedly worth. (They’re often wrong by tens of thousands of dollars.)
  • The increased energy exploration in parts of Texas has meant negotiations regarding mineral rights in many transactions.
  • New laws have changed the rights of property owners in homeowners associations.
  • Not many transactions were done with electronic signatures seven years ago.
  • Several key components of the closing process are set to change tomorrow. Yes, really … tomorrow, October 3.

So while none of these and other changes technically prevent you from selling your home on your own, don’t you think you’d be better off hiring a Texas REALTOR®?

What is a Texas REALTOR®?

Not all real estate agents are REALTORS®.

Only those who agree to abide by a code of ethics that goes beyond what the law requires may join the Texas Association of REALTORS®.

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Texas REALTORS® do more than help you buy and sell real estate

They protect the rights of property owners. They fight proposals that would increase the burdens on buying, selling, and owning real estate. And they bring property-owners’ concerns to the Legislature, regulatory agencies, and local authorities.

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